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About Us was created to help you find the right car care products, while also providing useful information about everything automotive. We know that cars are one of the biggest investments you could make and we believe that conducting proper research before buying car products and parts is extremely important for both your vehicle and your wallet.

This is why The Team at is hard at work, providing you with automotive How-To’s, Tips, Tricks, and Product Reviews. Our goal is to arm you with enough knowledge to repair the car yourself and save money in the process. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced technician or a DIY warrior – CarCareCamp will provide you value.

Our product reviews are backed by hours of research, testing, and personal experience from actually working in the field of automotive repair and engineering. Once you’ve worked as a technician, you almost get a sixth sense for spotting BS and gimmicks that are a waste of money.

Now, although we can’t get our hands on every product out there, we try to test as many as possible, and we will only feature good quality products that we’re confident in.

The Team is run by two semi-truck technicians with degrees in automotive electronics and mechanical engineering. Between us, we have a vast amount of automotive knowledge and passion for automotive engineering, maintenance, and upgrades.

We hope that you enjoy your visit here at as much as we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience! Protection Status