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The Best Seat Covers for F250 – Top 5 Reviewed

Getting your truck’s seats dirty sucks. Cleaning them takes away hours of your free time (or hundreds of bucks if you pay someone to do it for you), and in some cases, you cannot get rid of stains no matter how hard you try.

Now, even though you might not be bothered by dirty, stained seats – the person that you might be selling your truck to will, and he’ll most likely use it as leverage to bring down the price.

You can avoid all of this, and even considerably improve the look of your interior, by simply covering up the seats with a set of seat covers. But to help you narrow the search down, we’ve scoured the internet and found the five best seat covers for F250.

Let’s see how they compare against each other.

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 The 5 Best Seat Covers for F250

1. Luckyman Club Custom Fit Black Seat Covers

The Luckyman Club Custom Fit black seat cover is definitely a worthy choice as it is a stylish and airbag-compatible seat cover.

For starters, this seat cover comes with a bunch of color options such as red, blue, black, and grey. So, you can pick any of the colors that you deem fit for your truck’s interior. Additionally, the price range also depends on the seat color you choose and the type of seat. Thus, giving you various budget options to choose from. 

One thing that is quite thoughtful about these seat covers is that they do not cover the side of the seat fully. Now, it may seem like a huge drawback for some people, however, the reality is quite different. 

The space near the side can help in a car crash by allowing the airbag to come out easily and immediately. Instead of the airbag having to tear open the side of the seat AND the seat covers, the sideless design of these seat covers allows the airbag to come into action immediately.

Luckyman seat covers are made up of faux leather, which is a great plus if you care about comfort. They also have PP cotton and sponge padding with the perfect thickness for extra softness. No more backaches even if you have to travel miles!

Lastly, being made from faux leather, Luckyman seat covers waterproof. This is a great plus if you own a dog because they won’t get stained if your dog drools over them. And if these seat cover do get dirty, you can simply make use of a wet towel and be done in a minute.

2. Oasis Auto Custom Fit Black Seat Covers

These seat covers are moderately-priced and are only available in black and gray, however, you can choose the color of the stitching between red and blue.

As for the material, Oasis Auto Custom Fit seat covers are made from synthetic leather, which unlike real leather is quite low-maintenance and pretty much just as durable. They’re scratch-resistant, therefore you won’t have to worry about scratch marks after letting your dog inside your car.

Now, unlike the Luckyman seat covers above, these will cover the whole seat and therefore will offer you more protection, but because they’re made from faux leather and are designed to custom-fit the F-250 seats, they will require considerably more effort and time to install. But to help you out with the installation, the owner of Oasis Auto himself has posted a handful of how-to videos on YouTube, detailing the whole process on an F150, which has the same seats.

However, once you do get them on properly, they will hug the contours of your seats and fit tight enough to be mistaken for the original seats.

When it comes to comfort, these seat covers won’t bother your back as they are multi-layered for extra softness. Being made from synthetic leather, Oasis Auto Custom Fit seat covers are water-proof and you can easily clean them with wet towels!

All in all, Oasis Auto Custom Fit seat covers are one of the best seat covers for F250 if you’re looking for a set of stylish and comfortable seat covers that will fully cover the whole seat.

3. Aierxuan Custom Fit Black and Blue Seat Covers

As you can probably tell, the Aierxuan seat covers are very similar to the Luckyman seat covers above.

They come only in black, but fortunately you can choose between a few different colors of stitching: red, blue and white. Again, similar to the Luckyman seat covers.

The biggest difference between the two is that Aierxuan seat covers are designed to cover a bigger portion of the seats – mainly the sides. They are compatible with seat airbags as they do not cover the whole side. So, not only do they cover and protect a larger area, but they also do not obstruct the seat airbags.

They’re made from faux leather as well, which in this case is quite soft in itself, but to add more comfort – these seat covers are padded with sponge and PP cotton. The material is durable enough to resist wrinkling and is waterproof as well, therefore these seat covers should last a long time.

One of the main issues with seat covers that do not completely cover the whole seat is their tendency to move around when getting in and out of the truck. To combat this, the underside of the Aierxuan seat covers are covered with non-slip silicone, which is very grippy and helps to hold the covers in place.

The installation does not require any tools and should only take you an hour, however, some people had difficulty installing them on the rear seats.

4. CarsCover Custom Fit Gray Black Front Set

If you’re on a tight budget, then CarsCover custom-fit seat covers might be the answer for you. They are low-priced, simple but effective at protecting the front seats.

These seat covers only come in gray and black, and their design is quite simple and minimalistic. However, minimalism is very popular right now and these seat covers do look very neat and suit the interior of the F250 very well. Therefore, if fancy over-the-top seat covers are not your cup of tea and you’re mostly looking for cheap and effective protection for your seats, then you will love them.

Unlike the seat covers above, these are made from neoprene – the durable and water-resistant material that diving suits are made out of. Neoprene seat covers have a handful of advantages to them.

Apart from being durable, soft, and flexible, they’re great insulators and therefore do not get hot under sunlight or cold in winter. Additionally, they are UV-resistant and don’t get damaged due to the heat or fade as easily. 

When it comes to cleaning them, they can easily be spot-cleaned or you can just throw them into a washing machine and leave them to air dry.

Lastly, these seat covers are a bit easier to install, since neoprene is a bit more flexible and easier to work with than faux leather. Now, that doesn’t mean that they won’t fit snug and look good – quite the opposite, actually.

So, if you’re a practical person that’s on a strict budget – these CarsCover front seat covers are a no-brainer. 

5. Covercraft SeatSaver Custom Fit Front Set

If you’re a proponent of the old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, then the Covercraft SeatSaver’s have got you and your seats covered (pun intended).

These gray front seat covers are tailor-made from Covercraft’s drill-weave Polycotton fabric, which is quite similar to the durable fabric used in Carhartt coats. They are breathable, extremely durable, resistant to tears, abrasion, and covered in a water-resistant coating.

The SeatSavers come in a bunch of different colors, with their most popular one being gray. Unlike most seat covers on this list, they look plain and minimalistic, which could be a big plus depending on what you’re looking for.

Now, because they are a bit pricey, they are designed with extreme precision in order to fit snug enough to look good and stay in place, yet loose enough to be extremely easy to install. Because of that, they are by far the easiest to install, with the whole process taking up less than 15 minutes of your time.

Cleaning them is extremely simple as well. Just wipe off any spills with a towel or just throw them into a washing machine.

All in all, they are quite expensive, but for the price, you’re getting a very durable, extremely easy to install, and water-resistant set of good-looking seat covers that will match any interior because of their minimalistic design.

How To Choose The Best Seat Covers for F250

While seat covers sound like a very simple thing to purchase, they can get pricey and you definitely wouldn’t want to waste your money by getting the wrong set.

Here are a few things you should consider and keep in mind before you spend any money.

Custom-Fit vs Universal-Fit

There are two types of seat covers that you can choose from – custom-fit and universal-fit.

Custom-fit seat covers, as the name suggests, are specifically designed to perfectly fit on a specific vehicle make, model, and trim. The main advantage of custom-fit seat covers is good looks. They’re designed to fit snug, thus they closely hug the contours of the seats.

Once they’re on, they can easily be mistaken for the OEM seats – this makes them the perfect choice if you want to upgrade the look of your interior.

Another nice side-benefit of custom-fit seat covers is that they stay in place and don’t move around when your getting in and out of your car.

As for the disadvantages, custom-fit seat covers are considerably more difficult to install since they have to be tight-fitting in order to look good. Lastly, because of the more involved design process, they tend to be more expensive.

Universal-fit seat covers are mostly baggy and therefore they tend to move around more when you’re getting in and out of your truck. But the main advantage is that universal-fit seat covers are very inexpensive and extremely easy to install.

So when you’re shopping for seat covers, first ask yourself – do you want your seat covers to look good or do you just want something simple but effective?

If aesthetics are important to you, then custom-fit seat covers are the right ones for you. But if you don’t care too much about how they will look and just want to protect your seats, then universal-fit seat covers will fit your criteria and save you money too.

Fabric vs Leather

The second most important thing you should consider is the materials. In short, leather seat covers are considered a luxury item, while fabric seat covers are the less expensive and more bland alternative.

Fabric Seat Covers

Most fabric seat covers are made from neoprene. Neoprene is the same material used in diving suits. It’s durable, soft, flexible, water-resistant, and cheap to manufacture. However, neoprene seat covers tend to stretch over time.

The second most popular fabric material used in seat covers is duck-weave cotton – a tightly woven fabric that closely resembles denim. Seat covers made from duck weave cotton are very strong, durable, and do not stretch over time, which allows them to retain their fitment for a very long time. In most cases, woven cotton seat covers are also protected with a water-resistant coating.

The main advantages to fabric seat covers are low price and the ability to machine-wash them. Apart from that, they don’t get extremely hot under sunlight and don’t get freezing cold in winter.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are always made to look fancy, and therefore they’re almost never sold as universal-fit. They will give you a workout when installing them because of their tight fit, but once they’re on, you’ll have a hard time telling them apart from OEM seat covers.

Most leather seat covers are not actually made from genuine leather, however. They’re most often made out of PU leather (synthetic leather). While genuine leather is superior to PU leather, both materials are actually quite similar. They both are very durable (more durable than fabric seat covers), do not stretch, and are water-resistant.

Leather seat covers cannot be machine washed, but they can be cleaned with a towel, and are much harder to stain. Lastly, due to the nature of leather, they tend to get quite hot in summer and cold in winter.

Always Double Check Fitment

This one is pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people end up returning their seat covers because they did not fit properly.

When buying, make sure that you check fitment across a few different online retailers. Some websites make mistakes and say that a particular set of seat covers will fit that exact make and model F250, while in reality, they don’t.

By checking across a bunch of different retailer websites, you can easily spot any inconsistencies – this will also save you time since you won’t have to wait days for the manufacturer to email you back.

Seat Cover FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the most durable seat cover material?

Leather is the most durable seat cover material. There is a reason why most motorcyclist will rather go down while wearing leather – leather is simply much more durable against abrasions and general wear and tear.

Are leather seat covers worth it?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’ve got the money to spare, then leather seat covers are the obvious choice. They’re more durable, they look much better, are naturally water-resistant.

Do dog claws scratch leather seats?

Yes, unfortunately. While some leather seats are more resistant to abrasions, leather in general is quite a soft material which is easily scratched by dog claws.  

Can you put seat covers on air conditioned seats?

Yes, as long as the seat covers are breathable. Most fabric seat covers will allow air to flow right through them without causing too much resistance, but when it comes to leather seat covers – they must be perforated, otherwise they will completely block the air flow.

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