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The Best Lift Kit for Tundra – Top 4 Reviewed

Whether you want to spice up the look of your Tundra or you’re looking for extra clearance, a good quality lift kit is probably the best mod you can do to your truck. 

However, there are loads of poorly made lift kits on the market right now that you wouldn’t want to be putting in your Tundra. So, in this one, we’ll be taking a look at the four best lift kits for Tundra on the market right now.

The 4 Best Lift Kits for Tundra

1. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit – Top Pick

  • Installation time: 4-6 hours
  • Lift height: 2″ front and up to 2″ rear

The Pro-Billet series lift kit by Supreme Suspensions is machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, anodized and protected with a black finish. It’s safe to say that the lift kit will outlive your truck because aircraft aluminum has superior corrosion resistance when compared to other metals on the market.

Unlike some lift kits on the market, the Pro-Billet series will not bend or warp when under stress, because the whole kit is machined from billet aircraft aluminum. This means the suspension and driveline geometry will stay in spec at all times and your Tundra won’t lose height over time.

Lastly, the U-Bolts that come with the kit are zinc plated, which means you will no longer have to deal with rusted out U-Bolts that can only be removed with an angle grinder.

Now, the only downside to this lift kit is that it no longer comes with a Differential Drop Kit and you’ll have to buy it separately if your Tundra is a 4×4.

Why do you need a Differential Drop Kit? Well, lifting the truck puts the angle of your CV joints out of factory spec, which leads to increased wear and premature CV joint failure. A Differential Drop Kit lowers the differential, bringing the driveline geometry back within factory specifications. A Differential Drop Kit is a MUST whenever you’re lifting the front of your 4×4 Tundra by 2.5” or more.

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum for maximum strength
  • Machined aircraft aluminum rear lift blocks
  • Anodized for improved resistance against corrosion
  • Zinc plated U-Bolts
  • Doesn’t come with a differential drop kit, required for 4×4 Tundras

2. ReadyLift 69-5175 SST

  • Installation time: 4 hours
  • Lift height: 3″ front up to 2″ rear

If you own a Tundra TRD, SR5, or the Rock Warrior then you’ve probably noticed that there aren’t too many lift kits available for your tuck – at least the good ones that aren’t made from chineesium.

Luckily, ReadyLift Suspensions – a very reputable company, has stepped up to the plate and designed a proper lift kit that includes a differential drop kit, which is pretty much a must if you don’t want to wear your CV joints out prematurely.

The kit comes with a pair of powder coated steel strut extensions, front diff drop spacers, sway bar spacers, skid plate spacers, and a pair of 1” rear lift blocks.

Obviously, at this price point, this lift kit is fully bolt-on meaning you won’t need your death wheel to cut anything for the installation – a socket set, a ratchet, and a few wrenches is all you need to lift your Tundra. Now, the front strut spacers and the front differential spacers will require some patience and a few swearwords to install correctly (due to the tight space), but everything else is a piece of cake and the whole process should not take longer than 4 hours.

With the ReadyLift 69-5175 SST lift kit installed, you will be able to run tires with a maximum diameter of 35” if you’ve got an +25 offset wheel.   

All in all, ReadyLift 69-5175 SST is definitely one of the best lift kits for the Tundra TRD, SR5, and Rock Warrior. The price is fair and you do get a differential drop kit which helps to keep the suspension within factory specifications, meaning your tires will wear evenly and the CV joints won’t be at an awkward angle.

  • Differential Drop Kit & Sway Bar spacers included
  • Allows for a 35″ max tire diameter
  • Upper strut spacers maintain factory angle
  • Retains factory ride
  • Zinc plated U-Bolts
  • Installation might be a bit challenging for some people

3. Supreme Suspensions Full Lift Kit

  • Installation time: 4-6 hours
  • Lift height: 2.5″ front and up to 2″ rear

Just like you’d expect, the Supreme Suspensions lift kit for the first-generation Toyota Tundra features exact same top-quality materials as the second generation one.

The kit is machined from the same 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum billet, making it almost impossible to warp, break or compress. To top it off, a black protective coating protects the anodized aluminum from corrosion. 

The U-Bolts supplied with the kit are Zinc coated, with the black rust protective coat on top.

Luckily, this lift kit does come with a Differential Drop kit included. The diff drop kit is specially engineered by Supreme Suspensions in-house ASE technicians and will correct the pinion angle back to factory specifications. 

In our opinion, this lift kit is by far the best option on the market for 1 gen Tundra right now. It’s reasonably priced and includes everything you need for a reliable lift.

  • Machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum
  • Anodized surface for improved resistance against corrosion
  • Zinc coated U-Bolts
  • Comes with a Differential Drop Kit
  • None

4. Readylift 44-5677 6” Lift Kit 

  • Installation time: 10-12 hours
  • Lift height: 6″

If you’re going to lift your Tundra, you might as well be tempted to go all out to a 6” lift. I certainly wouldn’t blame you – a 6” lifted Tundra looks awesome.

In any case, Readylift has got you covered with the highest quality laser cut dropped crossmembers, Bilstein shocks, differential drop and more.  

The kit is expensive but well worth the money, considering both geometry and alignment will be within factory spec – no more premature wear on new tires.

Unlike most lift kits on the market, Readylift comes with ultra strong laser cut, CNC bent, welded and boxed steel dropped crossmembers. These crossmembers will maintain the suspension geometry within factory spec and allow for a 2” higher ground clearance when compared to other lift kits.

The front spacers are offset in order to maintain alignment and not increase track width. This means your front tires won’t still out further than the rear tires, in turn allowing you to run 20” stock wheels and your spare if needed.

Of course, the kit comes with a diff drop kit, which is extremely easy to install.

For the rear, the kit includes their time-tested OEM-style cast iron rear lift blocks and longer U-Bolts with the required hardware. To top it all off, the Readylift 44-5677 comes with bump stop extensions and sway bar frame mount brackets to keep the sway bar in factory position AND two Bilstein 5100 series shocks.

  • Built around maintaining correct alignment and geometry specifications
  • Comes with bump stop extensions and sway bar frame mount brackets
  • Laser-cut and boxed steel dropped crossmembers
  • Comes with an easy to install diff drop kit
  • Spacers machined from T6 aircraft aluminum for maximum strength
  • Includes two rear Bilstein 5100 series shocks
  • None

What to Look for When Buying the Best Lift Kit for Tundra

Rear Lift Block Quality

Pay attention to the quality and the number of welds on the rear lift blocks, as there are a few lift kits on the market with very questionable quality welds.

More importantly, try to get your hands on a lift kit with machined rear lift blocks. The more expensive lift kits feature rear lift blocks that are machined instead of cut-out and welded. A machined lift block is a solid piece material, with no potential points to fail under stress, unlike their welded counterparts.

If machined rear lift blocks are not an option for you, make sure the welded rear lift blocks that you get are reinforced with a cross gusset plate.


The best lift kits for Tundra are made from 6061-T6 aircraft billet aluminum. It’s light, extremely strong and has great resistance to corrosion.

Stainless steel is a good second option, if aircraft aluminum is not available.

Effects on Alignment, Suspension and Driveline Geometry

Lifting your Tundra above 2” will make considerable changes to its wheel alignment, suspension, and driveline geometry. These changes can lead to increased tire wear, vibrations, and damage to CV joints over time.

Luckily, almost all lift kits on the market do a great job at keeping the suspension within factory spec to avoid increased tire wear. In most cases, that is achieved with an offset spacer design, which does not increase track width.

More aggressive lift kits come with specially designed crossmembers to keep the geometry within factory specifications at all times, which is very important.

However, there are lots of lift kits that don’t come with a Differential Drop Kit. A Differential Drop Kit is required for all 4×4 Tundra’s that are lifted above 2” to keep their driveline in the correct angle.

So, if you’re lifting a 4×4 Tundra by 2” and up, make sure you do a differential drop.

Best Lift Kit for Tundra FAQ

Can you install a lift kit yourself?

Yes, if you’re at least a bit mechanically inclined. You will need a way to compress the springs, a few basic hand tools (if your truck isn’t full of rust). However, if you’ve never worked on a car before, installing a lift kit by yourself is not recommended. 

Does lifting a tundra void the warranty?

It depends on the situation. It would probably void the warranty for suspension and driveline if the dealer would prove that the lift kit played a part in the fault occurring.

How much does it cost to install a lift kit?

If the lift kit only consists of spacers, you should expect the bill to be somewhere between $200 to $600. A higher lift kit (6” and up) would bring the price up considerably from $1000 all the way to $3000.

How long does it take to install a lift kit?

A relatively simple lift kit that consists of spacers would take 4-8 hours considering the amount of rust under the truck and the availability of power tools. More aggressive lift kits that come with shocks and crossmembers could take up to 12 hours. 

Does lifting a truck affect mpg?

In most cases, no. The change in mpg should be very insignificant. However, if you install bigger tires, your mpg will go down considerably.

Does lifting a truck add value?

Generally, a lifted truck is slightly less valuable than a stock truck. Any modification to a truck decreases its value in the eyes of most buyers.

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