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Best Rodent Repellent for Cars – Top 4 Reviewed

Small rodents are smart and persistent creatures. Once they find shelter and food, it is very difficult to evict them and unfortunately, to them – your car is a five-star hotel with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Not only do they carry diseases (Bubonic plague, Typhus, Hanta fever) and make your car filthy (mice and rats can …

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Is Buffing a Car Bad for the Paint? (Quick Answer)

Recently, there has been quite a fuss about buffing being bad for your car. On one side you have guys saying that buffing is bad for your car and will ruin your paint. And, on the other side, you have internet articles telling you that buffing is very important and should be done regularly. Well, who’s right and who’s wrong? Or is there something else doing more damage to your paint? Protection Status