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The 10 Quietest All Terrain Tires – Top 10 Reviewed

If you’re like me and you spend a lot of time driving on the highway in your SUV, Jeep, or truck, you probably know how annoying noisy tires can get.

Nobody is looking forward to a long, noisy drive back home after a hard day at work. However, if you also do a fair bit of off-roading and run all-terrain tires on your vehicle, the noise on the highway gets even worse.

Fortunately, more and more all-terrain tire manufacturers are realizing that and taking action. Nowadays, there are dozens of all-terrain tires that are quiet, civilized, and comfortable on the highway, while still retaining their off-road performance.

If you’re on the lookout for the quietest all-terrain tires on the market right now – stick around, as we’ve picked out the 10 quietest all-terrain tires available right now.

The 10 Quietest All Terrain Tires on the Market

1. Continental TerrainContact A/T

The TerrainContact A/T is the first All Terrain tire under the Continental name and it’s a huge success.

The TerrainContact A/T was released after 3 years of rigorous 2 million mile on and off-road testing and it really shows – the tire is exceptionally quiet, while also providing great comfort and grip in wet and snowy conditions.


The tire features Continental’s +Silane technology, for better wet traction, and the TractionPlus technology, which gives the TerrainContact A/T its open tread pattern with more stable tread blocks. The full-depth sipes and traction grooves around the tread area provide added traction on wet, snow, and ice-covered roads.

Noise & Comfort

Terrain Contact A/T features the ComfortRide technology, which absorbs vibrations caused by the road, in addition to noise blockers and tread pattern shifting. This combination provides a more comfortable and above all – a very quiet ride.

Key Features:

  • +Silane technology improves traction and tread life
  • Traction Grooves provide gripping teeth for improved snow grip
  • Continental’s Total Confidence Plan

2. General Tire Grabber A/Tx 

The Grabber A/Tx is one of the more aggressive all-terrain tires on this list.

It’s the successor to the Grabber AT2 and features up-to-date improvements in design by combining the best features of the AT2 and the X3 – the tread elements from the AT2 and the sidewall technology from the X3 mud-terrain tire.   


The Grabber A/Tx uses the Duragen technology to maintain optimum traction and flexibility in cold temperatures, while also providing resistance to cuts and chips while off-roading in rocky areas. To grip the terrain better, Grabber A/Tx utilizes a Five Row Tread Pattern which provides outstanding off-road grip in all directions.

In addition to that, tread siping provides an additional, larger contact area for extra grip in extreme off-roading conditions. If that doesn’t impress you, the Grabber A/Tx carries a full Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake rating and can be studded for additional traction on ice.

Noise & Comfort

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out that while the Grabber A/Tx is an aggressive and high-performing tire on the off-road, it’s still very civilized and modern when it comes to noise and comfort.

General Tire made sure to keep the tire comfortable and quiet by using the Comfort Balance technology – a special absorption layer under the tread, that isolates the vehicle from the imperfections of the road.

Key Features:

  • StabiliTread technology provides balanced street performance and off-road durability
  • Comfort Balance technology ensures a comfortable, quiet ride
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake

3. Firestone Destination A/T

The Firestone Destination is a very capable all-terrain tire that is also extremely silent.

Built for pickup trucks, jeeps, and SUVs, the Firestone destination features numerous traction and comfort technologies that are sure to get you to your destination, no matter the terrain.


Durability and wet traction will not be a problem with the Destination. It utilizes a Long Link Carbon structure, which provides significant resistance to cuts, chipping, and tearing, while the circumferential tread grooves effectively reduce hydroplaning and improve wet traction.

The use of open-slotted shoulders gives the tire improved traction in wet, dry, and light snow conditions, while also providing an extra measure of confidence on the off-road.

Noise & Comfort

Comfort and the lack of noise are the main selling points of the Destination, as the tire rides smoothly on the highway and barely produces any noise.

The tire features a 5 Degree Noise Reduction technology, which produces noise-canceling sound waves that provide a significant reduction of road noise. The use of a single continuous strand of cable in the bead provides improved uniformity of the tire and increased ride comfort.

Key Features:

  • 5o Noise Reduction Technology uses varying size tread blocks to minimize noise
  • Long-Link Carbon technology improves tread life and durability
  • O-Bead improves uniformity and ride comfort

4. Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT

If you’re looking for exceptionally quiet tires that are also capable of providing all the traction you need in snow and mud, without sacrificing gas mileage, then the Wrangler TrailRunners are exactly what you need.


The Wrangler TrailRunner AT features an aggressive, symmetric tread design with large interlocking tread blocks for added durability both on and off-road.

The tread compound is made with reliability and longevity in mind, because of the added chip, cut, and tear resistance. In addition to that, the tread pattern is optimized to maintain even tread wear for increased tread life. The stepped shoulder design gives the Wrangler TrailRunner enhanced grip in snowy and muddy terrain.  

Noise & Comfort  

Even though the Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunners’ have an aggressive tread design for off-road use, the tire is still very civilized on the streets.

It’s more comfortable than most all-terrain tires that utilize aggressive treads and above all, the tire is exceptionally quiet. The Wrangler TrailRunner is a great choice for drivers that spend the majority of their time driving on pavement and gravel.

Key Features:

  • 5-Rib design
  • Optimized tread pattern for even wear and minimal noise
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake

5. Michelin LTX A/T 2

The LTX A/T 2 is a premium all-terrain tire for Light Trucks and SUVs with excellent durability off the pavement and maximum comfort on the tarmac. They provide even treadwear, very low noise, and good fuel efficiency without sacrificing off-road performance.


The LTX A/T 2 features an advanced tread rubber compound, molded into an independent tread block tread design. The addition of the Michelin Biting Edges (notched blocks in the tread pattern) provides an excellent off-road grip on wet grass, gravel, mud, and snow.

Thanks to the advanced MaxTouch Construction technology, the tire wears evenly and maintains its shape throughout its life, while also keeping an optimal contact patch with the terrain.

Noise & Comfort

While a lot of all-terrain tires make compromises when it comes to noise and comfort, the LTX A/T 2 doesn’t.

The tire features Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology, which uses advanced computer algorithms to optimize the design of the tire with precision. Because of this, the Michelin LTX A/T 2 provides an exceptionally comfortable ride, with reduced vibrations and minimal noise.  

Key Features:

  • Comfort Control technology reduces road noise and increases ride comfort
  • MaxTouch construction promotes even wear and a longer tread life
  • 60,000 Mile Limited Warranty

6. Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Make no mistake – even though the Scorpion ATR features a less aggressive tread design, it’s a very capable tire off-road. It’s sporty, reliable, comfortable, and above all – very quiet.


The on-road performance of the Scorpion ATR is exactly what you would expect from a premium tire manufacturer. The tire features a symmetric tread pattern for increased stability, along with wide shoulder blocks for extra braking efficiency and improved traction.

Hydroplaning is not an issue for the Scorpion ATR because of the curved central grooves. The off-road performance of the Scorpion ATR is also impressive. The tire features interlocking siped tread blocks for improved traction on off-road. 

Noise & Comfort

The Scorpion ATR is a sporty tire, therefore the tire provides a comfortable and silent ride on pavement. The robust carcass and the reinforced sidewall of the Scorpion provide improved shock absorption and high resistance to damage. 

Key Features:

  • Robust carcass and reinforced sidewall
  • Wide, rugged shoulder blocks
  • Curved central groove

7. Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

If the Pirelli Scorpion ATR did not convince you, the Scorpion All Terrain Plus is sure to catch your attention. Unlike the Scorpion ATR, the All Terrain Plus is a more off-road oriented tire, with a revised tread pattern and a beefier sidewall.


The Scorpion All Terrain Plus features a next-generation compound that is specially optimized for durability, even wear, and traction.

Statistics show that 95% percent of all-terrain tires are used on asphalt rather than off-road and Pirelli definitely understands that. Dry handling, noise, and comfort were important considerations during the development of the new Scorpion All Terrain Plus, as these features are the strong suits of the tire.

Unlike the Scorpion ATR mentioned above, the new Scorpion All Terrain Plus is a beast on the off-road. Pirelli certainly did their homework and equipped the All Terrain Plus with a number of enhancements versus its predecessor.

The tread grooves are significantly larger and the tire has an addition of conical stone ejectors. With that said, the Scorpion All Terrain Plus now carries a Three-Peak Snowflake marking, indicating that the tire is capable of providing excellent grip in severe snow conditions.

Noise & Comfort

Noise and comfort are not an issue as Pirelli is renowned for designing and manufacturing excellent on-road tires. The internal structure of the tire was designed with comfort in mind. You’d certainly expect a tire with such an aggressive tread pattern to be noisy, but that’s not the case with the Scorpion All Terrain Plus.

The tire is very road-friendly and hardly makes any noise while on the freeway.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive tread pattern and upper sidewall design
  • Deep tread grooves with conical stone ejectors
  • Three-Peak Snowflake

8. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

The Geolandar A/T G015 is the newest addition to the Geolandar tire family. The tire brings a big improvement in traction both on and off-road, with a 33% better treadwear compared to its predecessor – which is a best-selling model in itself.  


The Geolandar A/T G015 ensures excellent all-season traction without making any compromises. The tire is made from the Yokohama Enduro compound, which provides great resistance against cuts and chips, with an addition of the Triple 3D sipes that let the tire change shape as the tire wears in order to always maintain contact with the biting edges.

The tire carries a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake designation, largely due to the EdgeTec grooves that create more biting edges in order to provide extra grip in snow. The large grooves also provide an assuring grip in dirt and mud. Hydroplaning is not an issue for the Geolandar A/T G015 as the tire features four large circumferential grooves to expel water. 

Noise & Comfort

On the highway, the Geolandar A/T G015 resembles the precision and smoothness of a touring tire. At lower speeds, the noise from the tire is barely audible. At highway speeds, the tire does create some noise but it’s significantly quieter than the average all-terrain tire with such an aggressive tread pattern.

Key Features:

  • 3-D shaped sipes suppress the breakdown of the tread blocks
  • Pitch variation promotes a quiet ride and a more even treadwear
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake

9. Sumitomo Encounter AT

Sumitomo makes the list with its Encounter AT. The tire is ready for adventure and will take you anywhere you want, thanks to its refined, yet aggressive tread design.


Sumitomo’s Encounter AT features a non-directional, 5-rib tread design that is very capable off-road and refined on the highway. Four, deep circumferential grooves effectively channel the water from under the tire, giving more stability in wet conditions.

The large, rugged tread blocks provide a wide surface area for better contact with the terrain. They are further reinforced with 3D zig-zag sipes that grip down on snow and sand, giving the tire great traction in severe snow applications.

The Encounter AT carries a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, which indicates excellent performance in snow.

Noise & Comfort

The tread pattern is aggressive but not as harsh as the treads found on dedicated mud tires, giving the tire more comfort and minimal noise.

Sumitomo made sure to optimize the tire’s tread pattern for a comfortable highway ride, without sacrificing traction off-road.

Key Features:

  • Non-directional 5-rib tread design
  • Variable width shoulder lugs
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake

10. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

I think the name of the tire definitely sums up what it’s all about. Goodyear’s Wrangler Silent Armor is built using Kevlar for added strength, which also helps in absorbing vibrations and road noise.


The Wrangler Silent Armor features a symmetric tread pattern with large ridges for increased traction in both dry and wet conditions on all on-road and off-road surfaces. The open tread pattern with the Durawall technology gives the tire excellent off-road traction, with added durability against cuts and punctures in the sidewall.

It probably goes without saying that the tire is very durable thanks to the added Kevlar layer. The tire also features a rim guard to protect the rims of your vehicle from damage by curbs in the city and rocks on the off-road.

With that said, the tire carries a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol for its outstanding performance in severe snow conditions.

Noise & Comfort

Not only does Kevlar add strength to the tire, but it also absorbs road vibrations and soaks up road noise. Because of the addition of Kevlar, the tire rides comfortably on the highway and is barely audible at highway speeds.

Key Features:

  • An extra layer of Kevlar soaks up road noise and enhances durability
  • Durawall technology resists cuts and punctures to sidewalls
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake

Quietest All Terrain Tires Buying Guide

All terrain tires on a Dodge RAM

What to Look for When Buying Quietest All-Terrain Tires

There are dozens of factors that could affect the amount of noise a vehicle produces on the road. Wind, suspension, engine, and transmission produce large amounts of noise but the texture of the road is also a major contributor to road noise.

That said, you can reduce the noise in your vehicle significantly by choosing the right tires. Here are the features you should look out for when buying the quietest all terrain tires.

Varied Tread Blocks

The size, shape, and location of tread blocks significantly affect noise. Tread blocks are the segments of the tire between the grooves.

Identical and uniform tread blocks produce a whining, harmonic noise. However, differently sized and shaped tread blocks create noise at different pitches, which cancels the noise out.

Continuous Circumferential Ribs

The continuous circumferential ribs evacuate air from underneath the tire without making any obstructions to the airflow. This ensures that the air flows smoothly and creates minimal noise.

Reinforced shoulder

The tire shoulder is the portion between the center of the tread and the tire sidewall. An open shoulder gives more traction but let’s more air underneath the tire, which produces more noise. 

Narrower Tire Sizes

A wide contact patch on wider tires generates more noise because more rubber is gripping the road. Running narrower tires will help reduce road noise, but will also mean that the tires will have a smaller contact patch with the road, meaning slightly less traction.

Softer Rubber

Unlike the tires with a hard rubber compound, softer tires are pliable and mold to the imperfections of the road. Because of that, leaves, sticks, or small rocks won’t crunch as loud when the tire rolls over them.

Smaller Voids Between Lugs

More space between the lugs increases traction and grabs snow and mud better, however, larger voids let more air underneath the tire and produce more noise.

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